The Golden Age

Special developments and achievements experienced during a certain period of time are often named “golden moments”… This was certainly the right description of the Dutch “Golden” 17th Century as well as for the City of London’s Golden Age as the financial heart of Europe. Both historic events now. Last month was a golden time for … Read more

Election special

And the winner is… It is the fourth day after the election, and the outcome is almost certain: Joe Biden will be the 46th US President, Kamela Harris will be Vice President, the Democrats will hold the House of Representatives and the Republicans may hold the Senate (though an additional voting round in Georgia on … Read more

Robin Hood: dream or reality?

The RobinHood App and financial markets in September Last month, I wrote to you about wishes for an angry fairy that you would rather not want to come true. About risks in growth stocks, which seemed very expensive and would be vulnerable to higher inflation… sooner rather than later. But hardly had I written those … Read more

The die is cast

Transfer and tax union Europe has really crossed the Rubicon. About 2000 years after Caesar did. And even now there is no going back: once you enter into debt together, you cannot just go back. The Rubicon separated the wealthy Northern Italy from the part where Rome held sway. The relatively rich European north has … Read more

First the sweet, then the sour

Sweet It is the upside-down world of an economic crisis that does not want to become a financial crisis. Of central banks and governments that have gone “all-in” and are no longer taking good news for granted. Everything is pulled out of the woodwork, no support package seems too much, except those for Europe. Initially … Read more

Go to the start… ready?

It is disastrous, of course, but also like some kind of Alice in financial wonderland, what the stock market showed us in April. While we will soon carefully crawl out of our shell, we look around to see what kind of world we have ended up in. Will everything still be the same: working, traveling, … Read more

Watered down

Economic impact corona virus With a few dozen infections at the time of writing, the corona virus is  dominating the media and has become part of economic life. Stock market traders, by the way, seem to be the most contagious as they rarely got hit like this in one weeks’ time. The stock market suffers … Read more

Touched by the virus?

2020 A new Year, a new start. It certainly has not been boring. But did we have something to celebrate? Not really, except for the fervent Brexit supporters, who got their way on 31 January, though they too might be in a different mood at the end of the year if the EU keeps its … Read more

Warming up for the new year

“Roaring 10s” The last month of the decade has passed. We can now start warming up for the new year. Before we dare to think of a repeat of the “Roaring 20s”, we can already establish that behind us are the “Roaring 10s”. But without the spectacular decline at the end. As it was a … Read more