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Providence Capital supports initiative for fair and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines

Providence Capital, together with approximately 150 institutional investors, supports the initiative for a fair and equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines. Of the approximately 128 million vaccine doses administered to date, 75% have been administered in 10 countries. There are still 130 countries with a total of 2.5 billion inhabitants where no dose has yet … Read more

Go to the start… ready?

It is disastrous, of course, but also like some kind of Alice in financial wonderland, what the stock market showed us in April. While we will soon carefully crawl out of our shell, we look around to see what kind of world we have ended up in. Will everything still be the same: working, traveling, … Read more

Watered down

Economic impact corona virus With a few dozen infections at the time of writing, the corona virus is  dominating the media and has become part of economic life. Stock market traders, by the way, seem to be the most contagious as they rarely got hit like this in one weeks’ time. The stock market suffers … Read more

Touched by the virus?

2020 A new Year, a new start. It certainly has not been boring. But did we have something to celebrate? Not really, except for the fervent Brexit supporters, who got their way on 31 January, though they too might be in a different mood at the end of the year if the EU keeps its … Read more

End of monetary violence in sight?

Interest rates and inflation One of the difficult aspects of investing is that sometimes one would want to be happy with price declines and still be disappointed with price rises. They are, of course, weird emotions, but they do fit with the defensive investor, which we have been for a while. At the same time, … Read more

Stumbling on slippery ice!

Political power struggle While an economic cooling down was becoming increasingly evident, stock markets retained courage. But will the orchestra keep on playing courageously, while the iceberg is already well in sight? Is it overconfidence or justified in view of the Fed’s likely interest rate cuts and the resumption of the buy-back program by the ECB, with … Read more