First one loses hope and fear follows

Shares further up Hovering between hope and fear is often the best times for stock markets. Fear is often a bad counselor, at least for panicking sellers, which we saw at the end of last year once more. For buyers this is often a rare opportunity. And when, one by one, the sting has been […]

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Back to Goldilocks?

Are we back to the Goldilocks’ scenario and can we peacefully go back to sleep, now that stock markets have recovered, the FED claims not to increase rates and Trump and Xi are seemingly looking for a deal?? Taking courage A new year, a new beginning?! But hold on, the worries of 2018 can’t be […]

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How code red gave us the green light

Buying equities In last months’ column, I stated that we would decide to an ‘overweight’ position in equities only at much lower prices. This statement became reality very fast by the market turmoil in December. Whereas upward price movements usually occur steadily, downward movements tend to show a wilder pattern: fear of losing money often […]

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When the leaves fall…

Dark clouds gathered during the month of October. Almost all imminent problems escalated: Italy, the trade wars, Brexit not to mention the interest rate hikes by the FED. Not that these problems were new, but they seemed to finally reach investor sentiment in earnest. It finally seemed to  crack. Emerging Markets had ‘broken’ already earlier […]

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Bluff Poker?

This is the name of the game at quite a few tables. In Italy the new government is playing with the country’s financial future and hence with the Euro. Are they bluffing? Brussels will most probably not approve their budget (a novelty) so what’s next? Will Rome take a step back and blame Brussels thus […]

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