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Informed decisions through raising questions

Strategic Advice

Managing assets requires professional firepower. We offer strategic advice and evaluate on a regular base. The result is that you stay in control and avoid mistakes.

You are looking for

Independent advice and dedication

Managing wealth may seems simple but it is certainly not easy. Get support from indepent professionals who have insight in your overall situation and who can act from your perspective.

The review of your current management strategy

Realizing your investment objectives, as a result of the current low return environment, has certainly become a major challenge. What are those consequencces for your spending pattern? Reviewing your current management strategy from time to time is certainly no mere luxury.

Access to the world's best professionals

Which investment professionals add long term value and are a match with me personnaly? How do I allocate my assets in an optimum fashion to the various managers? We support you in the selection process, both on a national – and international level.

Governance and monitoring

Are decisions taken ad hoc or are they based on clear convictions and a log term strategy? Do you maintain sufficient control? We support you in these matters and provide the necessary countervailing power.

How do we operate?

Our knowledge and experience support you in taking the right decisions. We bridge the gap between your investment objectives and an institutional approach to managing your wealth.

Strategic advice and coordination

We translate your obejctives into strategic planning and coordinate the advice from other professionals. We answer key questions such as: ‘do I need to establish my own investment office?’

Scenario analyses and spending rule

Based on scenario analyses, we advise on how to increase your chances in realizing your objectives. By using a spending rule, your total expenditure is brought into control.

Selection process

Selecting asset managers is an intensive process. We know the leading players both on a national and international level and gladly prepare a long or a short list. We manage the selection process through ‘requests for proposals (RFP’s)’ and highlight the relevant decisions.

Investment Committee and reporting

We assist you in establishing and executing the responsibilities of an investment committee. Continuity and consistency of the management strategy are guaranteed through a crystal clear investment charter and corresponding management reports.

Providence provides us with countervailing power

Foundation P.

Case Foundation P.

A large endowment – also active in raising funds – had its entire asset management outsourced to an institutional manager. The investment committee however raised questions whether the present fiduciary asset manager was still ‘best-in-class’ and whether cost advantages could be realized through for instance allocating to a large degree to passive asset management. In […]

We offer strategic advice to families, with or without their own family office and to endowments with assets from € 25 million onwards.


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