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It all starts with your personal situation. From there we will focus on developing a tailor made solution. With our operational support, we offer you insight and continuity. Perhaps you have once started organizing matters, but it needs finalization. We would be pleased to assist you with that!

Supporting various operations


Wealth inevitably generates an extensive financial administration. Our Family Office is able to offer you a range of services to help you with that. We can overtake your complete financial administration – private or corporate – on a daily basis. We prepare your annual statements, prepare them for publishing and prepare the minutes. If so desired, we can also take care of your complete incoming- and outgoing payment transactions.


Substantial wealth is usually spread over various investments and banks. A good overview gives you insight and helps you in taking decisions. We prepare a consolidated overview including all your assets and cash flow.


Families and executives are increasingly thinking about philantrophy in a more structured way. Do you consider setting up an endowment? We have experience with many endowments, branch organisations and knowledge centers in this particular area.

Preparing tax returns

We prepare all relevant documentation, structured and organized in such a way that your tax lawyer can start right away.


We are the main link to your advisors. We take care of literally all your financial matters that need to be executed.

Digital filing

We offer you a secured access to all your documents, organising your own digital archive. You can also share this information safely with your family or advisors.

We make matters easy for you

Maartje van Casteren

Director Family Office


Director Family Office

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