Providence Capital

Case Family de M

The family always maintained relatively modest investment portfolio’s at several banks. The third generation sells the family owned business to a multinational, resulting in significantly larger investable assets. This resulted in a switch from entrepreneurship to investing. The family focus is now on liquid investments, private equity and real estate.


Significant wealth naturally raises questions. Which asset allocation makes the most sense? What makes you feel good as a person? As a family? Call any bank when having considerable assets to invest and they will tell you: of course we can help you. These people however always have their own interest. We were looking for a confidant with integrity.


‘We joined forces with Providence Capital. Thereafter they raised all sorts of issues. What are your ambitions? What do you wish for in live? What makes sense in the big bad outside world? Together we decided on the asset allocation. We, ourselves, decided to manage the Private Equity and real estate investments. Providence Capital were to manage our liquid investments. We are happy with this partnership. They continuously assist us, advise us on investments with other investment manager, monitor the total assets and offer us efficient investment solutions. We also considered firms who only provide an advisory role. However they appeared to be less equipped. The decisive factor was our relationship of trust. We know them. We know them for their integrity and they will always back us up.’

The deciding factor is the level of comfort we are getting

Family de M.