Providence Capital

Case Family C

Since 1987, the client has mainly invested in shares and listed real estate. The liquid assets are mainly composed of dividends and the sale of his share in the family business. The invested capital was spread over different portfolios with several parties.


“We have been investing since the eithies. At one point, those banks became more and more focused on their own funds. It became a bit more non-transparent. Then I started looking for an independent party who could advise, but also someone who is somewhat broader in terms of services than the bank.”


“Providence Capital came across as the most versatile. They do not depend on one or two people, but have a team that has been working together for quite some time with expertise in various fields. We have merged different portfolios and also further structured the consultation within the family. That is now an annual meeting that is very well prepared and discussed in advance. Two years ago I made a tour of a number of banks and asset managers purely for orientation. Also in that round they were clearly the best compared to others. They can do administration, manage assets and handle all family affairs. I do not find a similar specialism at such a high level at a bank, and certainly not at all asset managers.”

I do not find a similar specialism at such a high level at a bank

Family C.