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The family business has been sold in order to create more growth potential and opportunities for the company. A capital has been released with the sale. The family members had their own duties and initially did not want to deal with the assets on a daily basis. Question “We were looking for a partner who suits us, our family […]

Ready for the future

Every family is different. Each generation makes different choices. Develop the ability to further develop yourself. Take the Next Gen Masterclass and learn together.


Building up a capital is quite a challenge, keeping it is at least as big a task. Families are increasingly realizing that professional management and a form of entrepreneurship is a requirement for this. That is, if you want to be actively involved and make something out of it as a family.

To help the next generation answer questions about continuing and maintaining capital for the future, Providence Capital Family Office developed a Masterclass Next Gen in collaboration with MESA, in which learning and working together is the starting point. MESA is an expert in guiding wealthy families in safeguarding the continuity of a family heritage and in shaping a generation change.

Who is the program for?

The program is designed for participants aged 18-40. Where relevant, the program is tailored to the stage of life in which the participant finds itself. The program is spread over five days. No specific prior knowledge is required to follow the program

Certificate and PE points

After the Masterclass, the participants will receive a certificate from the IFBK│Institute for Family Business Studies. By following the Masterclass Next Gen, the participants are eligible for PE points and / or PE hours, depending on the field in which they are active themselves. The PE accreditation can be awarded on behalf of, among others, the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers (NOB), the Register of Tax Advisers (RB), the Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA) and the Royal Notarial Association (KNB).

What does the program look like in terms of content?

During the Masterclass 5 substantive themes will be discussed: strategy, management, capital, estate planning and family development. The lecturers are an authority in their field and come from the network of MESA and Providence Capital. Jurgen Geerlings, Director IFBK and co-founder MESA Teacher: strategy, management, capital and program manager Masterclass Nathalie Idsinga, Partner Arcagna Attorneys at law & Tax advisors Teacher: management, estate planning, tax / legal Wouter Weijand, Chief Investment Officer at Providence Capital Teacher: ability Berry van Kollem, Partner at Providence Capital Teacher: ESG (responsible investment) Ellen Aptroot, psychotherapist and collaboration partner MESA Teacher: family development Edu van de Velde, psychotherapist and collaboration partner MESA Teacher: family development


Depending on the number of registrations, the costs are between € 2,500 and € 3,500 per participant.

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With sufficient participation, a next Masterclass Next Gen will start in the spring of 2022.

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