Providence Capital: a family office or a wealth manager?

Intitially Providence Capital was positioned as a wealth manager. However, upon the request of our clients over the years we broadened our service offering. These include strategic advice and family office services.

In what way differs Providence Capital from my Private Bank?

Providence Capital offers more extensive services, non-in-house financial products and the partnership structure ensures staff loyalty and continuity. In addition we offer tailor made solutions.

How can Providence Capital offer both wealth management and strategic advice?

With strategic advice we support our clients in taking strategic decisions relating to their wealth. Further we select and monitor their asset managers. Since we are an asset management company ourselves involved in investment decisions on a daily basis, we are in an excellent position to better understand, select and evaluate other asset management companies.

Why should I hire Providence Capital?

Wealth raises many questions... however large or complex the asset base may be. We offer integrated solutions and make things as easy and convenient as possible for you. A committed team operating together for years, supports you with continued attention, independent and personal.

Where does Providence Capital differ?

Providence Capital is independent and not related to any financial institution. We offer total solutions that simplify our client lives. Providence Capital is represented by a strong team already together for many years.

What proves Providence Capital's indenpence?

Providence Capital has no in-house products and no ties to any financial institution.

What's the minimum portfolio requirement?

Investable assets of over € 5 million. This minimum is necessary to ensure our continued personal attention as well as to facilitate an optimum risk diversification.

How do I get in touch with Providence Capital?

To initiate an introductory discussion please contact us by e-mail at info@providencecapital.eu or by phone at + 31(0)35 692 67 50

What's the background of our people?

Prior to Providence Capital we all worked for large financial institutions. The core of our asset management team has its roots as far back as 1994 at MeesPierson. The individual resumes can be found on the page 'Our People'.

What's the ownership structure?

Shares in Providence Capital are held through a holding company structure with the partners as ultimate owners.

Which licenses does Providence Capital operate under?

Providence Capital operates under and Asset Management Licence issued by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and a Trust Licence issued by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

How many clients are served?

We serve about 75 clients. Since inception, we have hardly had any clients defections and do not expect so either.

What are the charges for Providence Capital's services?

They depend on the services. For Asset Management we either charge a percentage over the assets under management or we agree on a fixed fee. For strategic advice and family office services we can propose a fixed fee for an hourly rate.

Do you involve the next generation in managing my assets?

We consider involvement of the 'Next Gen' an important aspect of our services. The families we service are very focused on their privacy for which reason they also wish the training of the next generation to be handled seperately. Whether to involve them in an annual family meeting or to offer them a traineeship or to act as a mentor.

Is Providence Capital certified?

Yes, we have a 3402 Type 1 report, which scope covers our asset management services.

Does Providence Capital publish past investment performances?

Track records are available since inception in 2005. Since we do not apply standard risk profiles, the performances are of actual portfolios.

Are my assets save when dealing with Provicence Capital?

We are not holding any client assets on our books. Our clients maintain their assets through security and bank accounts with custodian banks of their choice. Providence Capital only has a power of attorney for trading purposes in these accounts.

Do I have to change my banking relationship if I become a client of Providence Capital?

Providence Capital uses the custodian bank of your choice. You can keep your existing banking relationship. However, with our buying power we have been able to negotiate favourable rates with certain custodian banks.

How does Providence Capital protect my personal data?

All client information is treated with the outmost discretion and care. For that purpose we strictly separated the different types of services within our IT systems as well as in our data storage. IT and data security is a continuous priority of ours.

How do you cover the whole investment universe with your team?

Contrary to main banks, we not only utilize our in-house knowhow, but have access to the knowhow of many third party invesment managers. This results in a more deeper understanding of the markets.
For selecting new investment managers in certain sectors of the market we cooperate with a leading external research firm.

Who will be my contact person when I become client?

As a client you will be serviced by our own team of professionals which always includes one of the partners.

Is 'Strategic Advice' typically a one-off or is it a continuous process?

Clients who we advise on strategic issues are mostly long term relationships. However, we also provide advice on a one-off basis, like a second opinion or a request for proposal (RFP) project.

Is it possible to only use the family office services?

You decide which services you need which means that all our services are offered seperately, including our family office services.

Do you have in-house tax expertise?

We have no tax laywers on the payroll. We prefer to closely liaise with our clients tax advisors and have ourselves a large network in the international tax arena.

In which way can you protect my privacy?

Our company can act as the corporate residency and mail address of the corporate entities of our clients. Further we can provide corporate directorships and facilitate the incorporation of legal entities. To this end, we have a trust licence issued by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

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