Case Mr. K

Recently one of our clients became was widowed. Together with his children and grandchildren he inherited the estate of his wife. It included privately held assets and a number of investment companies.


“We searched for an knowledgeable organization that could support us in getting grip on the financial situation. We were introduced to Providence Capital by a friend with knowledge of the financial services industry. We met and immediately felt comfortable.”


“They created insights into the total estate and its intrinsic asset allocation. They also supported the estate tax filings. Furthermore they ondertook the financial administration including tax filings and preparing annual accounts. I do a lot myself and my children and grandchildren are always a great support. They advise: ‘Dad, have you taken care of that already?’ It’s a great help that the people of Providence Capital are very proactive. No nonsense. No long stories. They deliver on their promises. They created insight and then it becomes simple. Now I have a clear understanding and I am able to say: this is how we are going to do it.”

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